About Bayside Cottage Rentals

A Welcome Note from Our Family to Yours

Hi, Thank you for visiting our website and being interested in knowing a little bit about me and our family and why we love Bayside.

One day my parents were taking a fall drive up the coast of Maine when I was about three years old. By chance they saw the sign for Shore Road while driving north and happened upon Bayside.  They fell in love with Bayside, saw a house on George Street, and came back and made an offer with Blair the next day.  I had an amazing experience growing up in Bayside with the long quiet winters filled with car-less roads, sledding at the golf course, and walking  down the street to the Drinkwater School, but also the bustle of summer and friends returning year after year. My father and step-mother moved back to Massachusetts while I was in college and turned our house into a rental as I assured them I wanted to return to Bayside at some point…   My father rented the home when I was in college through Margaret and Don, and he continued to do so for the five years after that when I lived in Wilmington, Delaware.

While I was in Delaware I managed two luxury high-rise apartment buildings and had some experiences with management, advertising, and marketing that I may not have been able to have if I had stayed in Maine. Once my husband Jason and I were married  (with our wedding in Belfast and plenty of fun in Bayside) we decided that we wanted to return to Maine, and to Bayside to start a family and to enjoy a quality of life that Bayside can provide.  In 2007 we moved back and right into the home I grew up in and shortly after we had Leo, now 15, and Liv now 13. Since returning I have had experience selling real estate in the mid-coast area and also in the municipal sector as I worked for the City of Belfast. I feel that all of these experiences and timing have lead me to where I am today,  managing Bayside Cottage Rentals.

We adore living in Bayside during the rental season and feel so lucky that we can provide our children with the experience of meeting all of you and having such a sense of community that only Bayside can provide.  You will see us all out (including our sweet dog Poppy) for evening walks, beach days at Kelly’s Cove, and all through out the village.

We look forward to meeting all of you and sharing how truly special and welcoming Bayside is.

Jennika, Jason, Leo, Liv, &Poppy-dog