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Traveling to Maine means entering a simpler time and place where the ocean laps the shore and guests come to relax and experience how life used to be. That starts with how we book our cottages – with a simple conversation about how we can find the right property that fits their needs, so their Maine vacation is a memorable, carefree experience in one of the most magical spots on earth.


Because our cottages are diverse with many unique features, it’s important our guests know about certain characteristics that might be unconventional. We work with their schedule, inform them of promotions, and answer any questions so they can relax and know there will be no surprises – just an opportunity to restore and unwind, the way vacationers and residents alike have done in Bayside for centuries.


Why We Book Direct in Maine


Owners and property managers keep the vacation rental home industry alive and thriving, by operating as part of Vacation Rental Professionals of Maine. VRPOMe is a Maine vacation rental business collaborative that is setting professional standards of conduct for its members and advocating for the interest of the local industry. In Maine, our rental properties have passionate owners and managers committed to providing a better rental experience, and in the competitive online environment, VRPOMe members are committed to remaining small, personal, excellent service.

Online listings can be misleading in an effort to get noticed in a crowded marketplace. Professional managers, meanwhile, take on liability for anything that goes wrong.
–Down East Magazine

Maine rental professionals offer unique and diverse properties that are managed by people whose job it is – not people who do it on the side. They know guests’ names, help them check in, and assist when needed, and make it their mission to avoid the negative experiences that are becoming all too common for non-regulated owner rentals.


When our guests book direct, they win. Our guests have more choice and more control, and they enjoy a better, more personalized experience. Our industry wins as well – booking directly with Maine owners and managers means more support and resources reach our local industry and our communities, which helps us keep our properties affordable.

Every summer, I look forward to meeting our guests and sharing how truly special and welcoming Bayside is.
-Jennika Lundy, Manager

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